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Unfortunately, not all cars come with back up camera’s these days. Some do but you will add a thousand or more to your final car price if you want one. And what about those of us who can’t afford that extra $20 a month to our car payment to get one installed? Or those who have cars that they we are not ready to replace that don’t have them? Ever since a news story broke last year around the holidays about a mom who rolled over and killed her 4 year old daughter that she was so sure was in the house, I have been uber paranoid about my kids. I have a very long driveway and three kids to keep up with. Plus their things –  says the mom who rolled over her daughter’s brand new bike! So I jumped at the chance to try out a PEAK BackUp Camera to see if they work, add to my peace of mind and are easy to use! 

PEAK BackUp Camera

The answer to all of the above is YES!  This is amazing. Ask any mom out there and they will tell you that anything to help keep their kids safer is a must! Especially now that it gets dark earlier, I need to know what is behind me when I am moving the car or heading out. Because, I learned from the news story, kids are fast and just because you think they are inside does not mean they are!

I received the PEAK Back Up Camera and read the instructions. I also watched a few YouTube videos to see how to install one.  It seemed pretty easy so I headed out to give it a shot.

PEAK BackUp Camera

And then I hit a barrier. My camera is mounted on my hutch, not my bumper, so I could not run the wire through the tail lights. I had to remove the back casing on my hatch and run it through my overhead light. A task I was not up to. So I called in my trusty neighbor and he hard wired it to the car. It took him longer than a regular install would take because he wanted to run the wires through the wire tube at the top of the hatch. But anyone else can just run it along the side and it will work just as easily. And if you have trunk or a tailgate, this camera does install super easy. There are a lot of videos on YouTube that show how people do it in no time!

But, regardless of the install and how you do it, this camera is awesome. When I put the car in reverse, the clear camera pops on and guides you back, giving you a wide range view of what is behind you. Something as small as a roller skate can be seen! I, honestly, got a little chocked up knowing that I now had some peace of mind in the constant concern about running over a daughter or a pet or an expensive new bike.

PEAK BackUp Camera

I don’t want to see any more news stories where a loving mom rolls over her child in her SUV thinking she was inside, far away from the car. So I HIGHLY recommend everyone look into getting a PEAK Back Up Camera for their cars, trucks and SUV’s. It is well worth the safety add and the knowledge of knowing you took one more easy step to protect those you love!

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