If you have kids, especially young kids like me, you know just how fun and occupying stickers can be to them!  I can give my kids stickers and it occupy them for a while.  They love them!

Peaceable Kingdom Sticker Books

So when I saw that Peaceable Kingdom, a toy company I am coming to absolutely love, has stickers that flicker, glow and pop, I had to get my hands on some for my kids!  These new sticker books, from 3D Alien Attack to Glow-in-the-Dark Glowing Fairies, dance and flicker, pop off the page with 3D glasses and glow when in the dark!  It sure beats the stick and forget ones… unless they are permanently adhered to my coffee table, of course.

We were lucky enough to receive the oh so cute Magical Ponies Sticker Activity Pack!  More than just stickers, there is a pony puzzle, a create a scene that promotes imaginative play, color match ups and even pony dress up!  My girls were all over this before I could even get it out to take photos!

Peaceable Kingdom

In fact, they were SO excited about it and all of the fun things they could create that they actually…. wait for it…  SHARED!  I KNOW!  It was incredible!

Once done with the stickers, we moved onto another fun item from Peaceable Kingdom.  They have a vast array of board games for all ages.  Perfect for helping kids learn to count and play without having to have a television on!

I chose The Great Cheese Chase for my little one.  This game focuses on ‘Cooperative Play’ instead of competitive play.  This is great for my kids who are constantly in competition to see who wins.  Though I think healthy competition is important, I want them to learn to play together too.  I want them to use each other’s skills to get to an end result!

Peaceable Kingdom Games

So this cooperative game is just great for that.  My kids worked together to move the three mice up the path for a cheese party!  They had to cooperate with each other to avoid the cat because if he gets a mouse, the mice go down and have to start again!

Another thing I love about this game is that it is 100% green!  Yep – all printing is done on soy paper and the parts are with corn based plastic.  My kids love it and I know your kids will love one of the Peaceable Kingdom Cooperative Games too!