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I have to say, the day I took my girls to see Paddington in theaters was one of the best ever. I got to share a childhood friend with the girls I adore and watch them fall in love too. The best part was, though, that the movie was actually amazing and so fun to sit and watch. My 5 year old loved it and me, a 42 year old mom with discerning tastes, laughed as heartily at the antics of the little bear with the expressive eyes. Now that summer is here and the DVD home release is pending, I am excited to bring it home to my kids! The best part is that I can insert the DVD on a road trip and get an excited reaction every time!

Tips for Single Moms Traveling with Kids + Enter to WIN Paddington on DVD, a Plush and More

Planning and executing a road trip with kids can be challenging. When you are a single mom, there is an added pressure as you have to have your hands on the wheel and not paying attention to kids should they need you. But by following three simple tips, I managed a 10 hour round trip road trip with my kids a few weeks ago that was surprisingly easy!

Have entertainment on board!

I do not have a video player in my car but I do have tablets and phones that can play digital downloads. So having a few movies on hand to entertain bored kids in the car is important! Though I don’t want to have my kid’s heads in electronics for 5 hours straight, interrupting the game playing and book reading with a 2 hour opportunity to laugh and be enthralled with Paddington is a great divergent.

Make Snacks Easy for the Kids to Get and Open

When I have a long drive ahead, I don’t want to add unnecessary time to it by having to stop along the way. So I pack them each individual bags that have a small water, some chips, some fruit snacks and anything else small and non-messy for them to have by their seats!

Take a Blanket

This may seem like an odd thing but when the kid in the 3rd row is hot and the one in the middle row is cold you can’t get the temperature in the car just right, having the one who is cold be able to cover up is valuable. In fact, I almost always have a sleeping child under a blanket which allows a little more quiet and allows me to drive further without stopping.

Tips for Single Moms Traveling with Kids + Enter to WIN Paddington on DVD, a Plush and More

Traveling with kids can be the best thing ever. If you are a single mom, make sure you have everything you need to make your life a lot less insane through the process too!

Back to Paddington and the amazing movie out on DVD! Paddington traveled to London in search of a new adventure and watching him experience life was awesome! Now you can WIN the movie and some fun accessories to take on any summer road trip. Just enter below and GOOD LUCK!

One winner will get Paddington on Blu-Ray DVD, a Paddington Plush and a Paddington Luggage Tag!

Giveaway open to US Residents, 18+ only. Giveaway Ends 6/30/2015


Tips for Single Moms Traveling with Kids + Enter to WIN Paddington on DVD, a Plush and More

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