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Now this is COOL! I have three very STEM loving girls. All of them, ages 9 – 12, are fascinated by science and actually love math. It’s shocking really, as I thought they would all be more creative thinkers since we have such a love for books. But I got an unexpected bonus when I let them read anything they wanted. A love for STEM and fun things mechanical. So when Ozobot arrived at the house, my two youngest could not wait to turn it into a unicorn to program!

Ozobot is reinventing STEM learning by using a combination of physical robots and a mobile app to teach kids how to code. Ozobot’s Evo and Bit provide two fun ways to code: online with OzoBlockly and screen-free with Color Codes. Users can connect with their friends, create courses for their robot and play games, all while learning how to code. Whether in the classroom or at home, Ozobot teaches kids of all ages critical thinking, logical reasoning and coding skills and inspires the next generation of creators.

I love that Ozobot is so cute and entertaining that the kids wanted to set it up and play with it all by themselves. They did not need me at all!

They opened the Ozobot, which is a small, easy to hold robot that lights up and has rolling feet to move. Within minutes the girls had the app uploaded on their phone and were directing Ozobot to move, spin and go backwards.

Then it was time to learn to code. Coding means that the girls can program in directions to the Ozobot and then let it loose to follow the pattern that they create. As opposed to directing the Ozobot to turn and such, they can create the pattern ahead of time and then watch as the Ozobot follows their directions on its own.

Using color and stickers and directions into the app, the girls made lines on paper that caused the robot to do exactly what they wanted! It really is thrilling for them and teaches them the importance of science, technology and the relationship between the two.

Made with markers and paper, Color Codes teach basic coding concepts like cause/effect and debugging. You can find extra coding sheets on the Ozobot website to continue to thrill your kids!

I love this so much! It is an innovative, fun and creative way to teach kids the relationship between tech and themselves!

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