I love to do fun, exciting, and messy things with my kids.  Mud fights, finger painting, you name it!  The more fun and messy, the better!

So when the idea of an ice cream sundae bar, full of toppings, cream, and sprinkles was suggested to me, I jumped at it!  Plus I have some birthday parties coming up and I needed to get some ideas as to what kids would think was a fun dessert making activity!   

I headed to my trusty Walmart with a list of supplies.  I checked in on Foursquare because I know how all of you like to track me – uh huh – and headed in, the entire family in tow!

Dryers Ice Cream, Nesquik Chocolate Syrup, Nestle’s Semi – Sweet Morsels, and lots and lots of sprinkles were musts on my list!  Oh, and some Juicy Juice to wash it all down! And I had a side note to add in  some of those great little bite sized ice cream Dryers Dibs!

Lucky for me, Walmart had everything I needed, and for very affordable prices!  I bought two containers of Dryers No Fat Frozen Vanilla Yogurt, and No Sugar Added Buttered Pecan.  They cost me $3.98 each.  Not too shabby when you look at the cost of ice cream these days!  The all important Nestle Morsels were $2.42, the Nesquik Syrup was $1.66, and the Dibs were free, because they were already in my freezer, but I know they only retail for about $2.50, so totally affordable!  Add to that the Juicy Juice – $2.28 for 8 juice boxes – and you are all set on a multi time use sundae bar for less than $20 bucks!

It costs me more than that just to walk unto a premium ice cream shop!

The kids were jumping out of their car seats in anticipation.  And because I LOVE that as a Mother, to have my kids so incredibly excited about something fun we are going to do together, I started unloading and setting up the sundae bar the second we got home!

With everything out and displayed for my kids to tear into, I opened the door.  Three happy girls and a tired, but hungry hubby came running out to dive in!  Being ice cream lovers, I expected some restraint when it came to the no sugar added and fat free choices of Dryers Ice Cream, but everyone was obliviously decorating and no protests were heard!

I watched everyone piling on the toppings, snapping pictures of the ever growing sundaes, and soaked in their childhood and the fact that everyone was happy and busy all at the same time.  A rarity in my house!

They LOVED the ice cream, the toppings, the idea to throw the Dibs on top, and the time getting to play with their food!

Red faced from the heat, chocolaty faced from the ice cream, and grinning ear to ear, my kids – and hubby – had a great time!  An ice cream sundae bar is now on the list for a the birthday parties and Dryer’s Ice Cream will be front and center!

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