My children are way too young for their own phones but they grab mine and play on it as much as I will allow.  Some one is always saying, ‘Mom, can I play on your phone?”

And when I do give it to them, I cringe, worrying that it will get dropped or they will accidentally drop it in a cup of water or worse.

So, as I do with all of my electronics, I wrap my electronics in protective cases.  But there are good ones and bad ones.  I have learned that  Otterbox might just be the best one!

Otterbox #OtterKids

Recently, I was lucky enough to received a super cute, Otterbox Build Your Own Case.  I chose the very girlie colors of purple and pink.  But there are many, many colors to choose from that would suit anyone’s color palette.  Choose your favorite team colors, your child’s school colors or just something to enhance your personality!

I received my case and removed my old case – which, in a smashing incident did nothing to protect my phone, thus my refurbished iPhone that I now carry – and placed the Otterbox on the phone.

First and foremost, the custom fit of this case was a higher quality, more snug to my device and solid.  I could tell just from the interior shell, that this thing was going to protect my phone better than the thin plastic of my old one.

Otterbox #OtterKids

The outer shell is so incredibly tight that I had to pull to get it over the phone.  This is fantastic because my kids liked to take the outer plastic shell off of my old one and that left my phone unprotected for the most part.

The other benefit to the Otterbox case vs my old one is that the plastic on the face.  In order to take photos with my old case, I had to remove it.  The plastic was so cloudy that no photo would come out.  The Otterbox, clear as day, screen cover allows me to take photos both aiming the camera outwardly and turning it inwardly.  I LOVE that and it keeps me from ever having to have my phone unprotected!

If you have spent a good amount of money on an electronic device this holiday season or after, please protect them with Otterbox.  You won’t find a higher quality, more protective device than this!


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**I received this case for review purposes only.  All opinions and writings are my own.  Please see my Disclosure Statement for more information.**