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Original Super Cool Slime®is Fun and Colorful

S L I M E: It is the word of the year in this house. We make it, we play with it, we add things to it, we clean it up off of everything. The girls love slime and Megan even made slime for her market project at school. My attempt to find new slime products just got easier, thank goodness, with Original Super Cool Slime®! This super fun slime offers choices that we just can’t find anywhere else and the slime kit encourages them to create!

Original Super Cool Slime®is Fun and Colorful for kids

Emoji Poop Slime and Glow In The Dark Slime from Original Super Cool Slime® make terrific stocking stuffers, dreidel game or classroom Secret Santa gifts. Likewise, Unicorn Poop Slime appeals to the daintiest kids on your list. Jurassic World Slime in Indoraptor black or T. Rex Cryptogenic green guarantee a dino-good time of hands-on fun.

Original Super Cool Slime®is Fun and Colorful for experiments

Each themed glop comes in an appealing container that resembles a chemistry beaker. Tilt it, pour it and let the squishing begin. Surprise each recipient on your list with a little science lesson. Tell them to enjoy their non-Newtonian fluid! Then watch them “Google” the chemistry lesson. Kids already familiar with the slow drip of ketchup or honey will recognize the same properties in gooey slime.

Original Super Cool Slime®is Fun and Colorful like poop slime

My girls have a blast with this slime and still play with it today. The poop slime is their favorite, I won’t lie. But I also have kids that like to make slime so the  The Original Super Cool Slime Lab is a hit. The boxed kit boasts 18 pieces, including measuring cups, mixing sticks and a slime activator that results in a jar of glitter slime, glow in the dark and multi-color slime.

Original Super Cool Slime®is Fun and Colorful for them to make

Look for these kid-pleasing presents online and at craft, party and specialty stores including TJ Max, Marshalls, HomeGoods, AC Moore, Party City, Learning Express and Hobby Lobby shops nationwide.

Your kids will thank you for it!