I have been fortunate enough to do some really great reviews on some really fantastic products.  But I have to say, the Oregon Scientific Interactive SmartGlobe on Hayneedle.com has got to be the coolest thing I have ever seen!  

Ok, so check this out.  This globe talks!  Not only does it talk, it sings, plays national anthems, allows game play for up to four players, speaks 8 different languages, has a talking BOOK that comes with it, and a pull out United States map that talks, and so, so, so much more!  It educates its users with information on world leaders, current events, the geography of each country, and even tells the time and weather in that area!  Plus, if you travel, you can enter your from destination and your to destination and get flight times, currency exchange rates, and local facts! AND the globe is updatable via the internet so that it is always current!

This thing is, for lack of a better adjective, uber- cool!  

The globe itself has a speaker with volume adjustment.  But, the pen that accompanies the globe…  goes wireless and talks itself!  I can not list them all but below are just some of the features that this amazing globe offers!


  • Compatible with Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 
  • 36 learning activities (30 English games and 6 Mexican Spanish games)
  • 3D bar-code technology
  • Internet downloads target diverse age groups for age-appropriate learning (ages 5-8, 9-14, and 15 and up)
  • USB connection for data updates via the Internet (USB cable included)
  • Wireless and compact design
  • High-quality, digital sound with built-in speaker (including age-appropriate sound effects for ages 5-8)
  • Large internal memory (32MB Flash)
  • Operates on 2-AAA batteries for the pen and 4-AA batteries in the base
  • Touch N’ Tell, Comparison, and Find modes via the wireless stylus pen
  • Domestic map included for more comprehensive exposure
  • Includes flags from around the world
  • Also includes a 29-page book covering world history, indigenous animals, dinosaurs, and more      
  • Battery Operated
  •  Pull out drawer base to focus on U.S
  • AC adapter included
  • Games programmed in globe to help make learning fun
  • Internet downloads for up to date information
  • Downloads available in eight languages
  • Volume control and headphone jack (headphones not included)

I mean, really, every single household with kids from 2 to 102 should have this globe proudly displayed!  My children and my husband have been on it non stop since receiving it!  I am amazed at what it will be teaching my children!  After playing with it for 30 minutes yesterday, Katie could tell me where Texas was, not only on the US map, but on the actual globe itself!  And Sarah could tell me where Mexico was and was saying “Hello” in Spanish the rest of the night!  And they are 3 and 4.  

I have saved the best part for last though.  In addition to getting one of the best educational “toys” I have ever seen, if you order it today, not only will you get it in time for Christmas, but you will get 47% off the regular price!  Order it now for only $89.98!  It normally sells for $169.99!  And, as I giggle with glee here at sharing this amazing product with you – it ships FREE!  

I love this thing!  Seriously, I recommend it to everyone!  And with so many features, you will never bore of it!  I am ordering 2 more for relatives in my family!  

So hurry to www.hayneedle.com today and get one of the Oregon Scientific Interactive SmartGlobe for your family, friends, and relatives today!