If you have not met the spunky pig who likes to get creative and discover new things, then let me introduce you to Olivia!  At 6 1/2 – she makes that clear – her imagination takes her on adventures and her self confidence inspires children everywhere to rely on their good nature and abilities.

My girls L O V E Olivia.  They sing the theme song and play “Olivia” during play time.

The newest DVD, being released Tuesday, September 6, is Olivia: Princess for a Day.

This 8 episode DVD, including the double length title episode, drew my children in from the moment I turned it on.  They watched Olivia trade places with a Princess that looks just like her.  They helped the King decipher the two later in the episode and then jumped up when it was over to don their own princess gear!

Once they had tiaras and wands in hand, they watched as Olivia struggles with a hurt leg on the eve of her dance recital, goes on a field trip to Old West Town and played hotel right along with Olivia and friends.  They loved when Olivia became a chef, when she had her own fashion show, and when she painted a mural.  And when Olivia had trouble deciding on which country to represent for International Day, she simply invents her own!  And then so did my kids!

I love Olivia as much as my kids.  It is age appropriate, not flashy and loud, but simple and easy to follow.  And my kids learn so much and use their imagination more after seeing an episode!

Mark Olivia: Princess for a Dayon your list of Must Have’s for your DVD collection!

*I received a copy of this DVD for review purposes only.  My writings and opinions are mine and can not be duplicated or copied without prior permission.  Please see my full disclosure policy for more information.*