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Olaf 3D Night Light

Olaf has come to visit it the coolest of ways! NEW 3DLIGHTFX Olaf now graces the walls of the kid’s room, offering light and protection from the ghosts of the night for my girls! This 3D Olaf Night Light is ‘cool’. Get it? It projects from the wall and shines a soft light into the room which just makes kids feel safer!

Olaf's 3D night light is at Target

Installation is super easy. It took some AA batteries, a drill and the endless discussion of the perfect place on the wall. Once that was settled, I got it up and working in less than 10 minutes!

The Olaf 3D Night Light is easy to install

Available at Target, these 3D Night Lights come in favorite characters that all kids love. Captain America, Spiderman and even Minions are available for any decor! We all know, as parents, that kids come up with every excuse not to go to bed. It being too dark and them being ‘scared’ is one of my kid’s favorites. Even the small lights I have purchased don’t see to assuage their complaints.

Olaf 3D night light is so fun

The 3DLIGHTFX Olaf has resolved that issue. Not only does it cast a more even glow in the room, but the girls love that their ‘friend’ is there to watch over them! I love that being scared of the dark is no longer an excuse. It is not replaced with wants for water and snacks!

Olaf 3D Night light is a great gift

Target has a myriad of 3D Night Lights to choose from and any one of them would make a great gift for any child! Check out the entire selection and add a glowing friend to your kid’s room! It will help them sleep, help them smile and it is a great thing to show their friends too!

See the whole Target selection now!