When I conjure up thoughts of Heely’s Brand Skating Shoes, I imagine the teenager with his hat on backwards, his iPod playing in his ears, paying no heed to me trying to wheel my double stroller down the sidewalk, almost running me over while he wheels into the nearest store.

Never, in a million years, did I ever think I, a stay at home mom of three, would ever own a pair.

But… in secret, I have always wondered if I would ever be cool enough to pull them off.

The answer to that is an unequivocal no, BUT, I now have a whole new outlook on Heelys and what they can do for me than I ever thought possible!

Talk about an amazing work out!

Yea, you did not see that coming, did you?

I received my Heelys in record time at my door!  I chose the ‘so not me but I wish it were’ hot pink, white, and black shoes with one wheel.  I could tell immediately that these shoes are way up there on the quality level.  Nicely made and even more comfortable to wear!

And I can wear them as tennis shoes if I want! The removable wheel is easily replaced with the rubber insert and switching them out takes no time at all!

But I learned, especially the first time I was on them with the wheels attached, that it can take a lot of effort, hard work, and core strength to get up on these things and go.  But I am an out of shape, heavy – er woman who is just now starting to add a work out routine back into her life!

Someone who is in much better shape and still has some balance about them would get the hang of it much faster, I am sure!

But, even for me, it did not take long to get the jist of what I was doing and how best to do it.  And every time I put them on, I got a little bit better at it!

And I am glad because I really want to get good at wheeling around!

I spend hours a day outside watching my kids play on our acre and all I do is walk around, telling them to watch for the 3 cars a day that pass our house, and keep them from fighting.  It is kind of boring and running in circles  is no fun.  Riding a bike is pretty much no exercise because I have to keep getting off and taking care of a child.

So, I think Heelys are perfect for me when I am out with them!  If I keep practicing, I can get good enough to skate around with them, but easily stop and start again when I need to.  And because such great balance and core strength is needed, I can get a heck of a work out as well!

Just in this last week, I can really feel the practice to get good in my thighs, calves, rear end, and abdomen.

Really, I think this a product that could get anyone in shape!  And because they are so addictive, you can not help but want to strap them on and skate everywhere you go.

I am not brave enough to show you a video of my learning how to use these, but I finally got my husband to come out and take some pictures for me.  Notice my elegance and grace.  HEY!  I did not fall on my keyster once!

I really do like my new Heelys and I think they are going to be a great benefit to my outdoor boredom and my work out schedule!  And you know if I, an old lady with some kids, say they are pretty cool… then they must be!


Heelys are available on Heelys.com or Zappos.com!   With a variety of colors and styles, you are bound to find one you like!