Sound the OCTO-ALERT!  Octonaut Toys have hit retailers everywhere!  And when they swam into my house, I was the coolest mom on the planet forever and ever and ever!

Octonauts Toys

Fisher Price has developed these toys based on the beloved Disney Junior show, Octonauts.   My kids play with all of the fun characters from the his show on DisneyJunior.comso to have Kwazii, Captain Barnacles and all of their other favorite characters come home was A MAZ ING!

It all started with the fun and imagination grabbing Fisher-Price Disney’s Octonauts Octopod Playset.  I put it together in no time and my kids squealed and laughed as they acted out shows they have seen and added their own special story telling skills!

Watch as my kids explain to me who everyone is:

 We also received the Octo-Compass (a HUGE hit that my kids can carry EVERYWHERE with them),  the awesome submarine, GUP-B & Kwazii, Barnicles & Tunip, GUP-C & Shellington, Kwazii & the Slime Eel, and CUP-D & Barnicles!

Yep – we are an Octonaut house and, I have to tell you, as much as my kids play with this and talk about sea life and the transfer of knowledge they use from the show to the toys is impressive, I am more than thrilled to help their imagination expand with the whole collection!

Check out the slideshow below to see more:

I love how awesome these toys are.  From the color changing sea life that comes with each set to the stickers for the Octopod that have my kids pretending to launch to explore, there is something in every set that will capture your children’s attention.

The Octopos is home, or ‘base’ as my kids call it, and when Peso, Kwazii and the gang head out in their submarines to explore underwater worlds and rescues stranded sea creatures, Captain Barnacles holds down the fort.  And for my kids, when they get everyone safely back to the Octopod, they have saved the day!  Just like their friends on the show!  So I would say any collection starts with the purchase of the Octopod!

Octonauts Toys

My children have almost every sea creature in the tub now and they put the air helmet on Barnicles and take him swimming.  It is such a treat to watch and enjoy!  They get so excited when some of them change colors and their eyes light up as they talk about each one and squirt each other with the Eel!

It is a true joy to see my children interacting with toys that can make a difference in how they see the world, the environment and themselves in it!

 **I received these products for review purposes only. All opinions and writings are my own.  Please see my Disclosure Statement for more information.**