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I have been really lucky in my blog life.  I have received great products from amazing sponsors and am happy to report that it has happened again!

Thank you Ocean Saline Nasal Care for introducing me to your easy to use, drug free products for my families sinus and nasal needs!

I live in Texas.  We have two seasons.  Summer and that week that it might get cold.  As a result, my family has terrible sinus issues.  From allergies to dry nasal membranes to summer colds year round, we have it all.  And since we moved to our property surrounded by trees, our issues have increased two fold.  And at this time of the year, when our heaters are on for the first time in almost 9 months, we all really suffer from dry nasal passages!  Everyone is always rubbing their noses!

We do not like medicated nasal sprays.  They are harsh, ineffective, we feel, and unable to be used on our children.  Plus they have a really icky after “sniff” making it difficult to want to use over and over again.

Ironically, the day the Ocean Sinus Irrigation, Premium Saline Nasal Spray, and the Premium Nasal Spray for Kids arrived, we were wrestling with the beginnings of sniffs and sneezes.  I really thought that I was in for weeks of colds and flu like symptoms.  I showed the girls how to spray the saline into their noses and they found it to be fun and like a game!

The next morning, they had no symptoms!  Honestly, they did not!  I decided that I would use it and have them use it every day while we dealt with our current flip flopping weather patterns.  So far, so good.  The kids use their spray every morning and evening, as do I and my husband, and so far – knock on wood – we have escaped any nasal issues in the last week!

I love that when you hold the bottle upright and squeeze, you get a fine mist – great for the kids!  But when you hold it horizontal, you get a stream of saline – perfect for a stuffy nose, and when turned upside down, you get drops-  ideal for my 19 month old!

My husband loves the Ocean Complete Sinus Irrigation kit!  Because I like to sleep with the fan on, he says he always wakes with a dry nose.  Since using this product, he says he feels a noticeable difference in the mornings!  He irrigates right before bed and then again when he wakes.  He said he can not believe the difference he feels!  So, the argument over the fan is history!

I, myself, love the Premium Saline Nasal Spray!  I can carry it in my pocket and use it when I am outside and start to feel an allergic sneeze coming on!  In fact, today, the girls and I went on a long walk around the neighborhood and I pulled it out a few times when we passed piles of freshly rakes leaves – a trigger for me.  I really could tell the difference in my normal sneezing reactions!

As an added bonus, Sarah, who we’ve been having issues with on fingers in the nose, seems to have lost interest in that little – er – distasteful – habit, and is now the first in line when it is time to get the Ocean for Kids Premium Saline Nasal Spray!  I don’t know if she has just been redirected or if, because her nasal passages are more moist, thus producing less itchy, dry discharge for her to pick out, she now has no need for that unladylike behavior.  Because is almost stopped over night, I credit Ocean Nasal Spray and thank them dearly!

And even though the regular Premium Saline Nasal Spray is gentle enough for infants, I like that there is a specially formulated product just for kids!  It just makes me feel better, you know?  To really know it is extra gentle!

I am really looking forward to using this high quality, number one recommended saline spray by doctors and pharmacists from coast to coast, in the coming allergy season.  I know that when the onslaught of freshly cut grass, falling pine needles, and pollen are super high, Ocean Saline Nasal Care has me and my family covered for our non medicated nasal needs!

So, how can you get this wonderful product for your family?

Buy It!

Ocean Saline Nasal Care Products are available in stores Nationwide!  Click HERE to see where your desired product is sold!

Win It!

Ocean Saline Nasal Care has generously offered to one of my readers a Saline Nasal Care Gift Pack!

One Lucky Reader Will Win

A 6 Fl. Oz. Can of Ocean Complete Sinus Irrigation Rinse
A 1.5 Fl. Oz. of Ocean Premium Saline Nasal Spray
A 1.25 Fl. Oz. of Ocean for Kids Premium Saline Nasal Spray

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