Oh my gosh.  I am SO incredibly excited for this review I can barely stand it!  I have kept this secret for a month now.  A whole month (I know, right?)!!!  You’ve heard about this on TV and I’m sure you’ve seen ads on the internet.  I am so happy to share with you my review on the NutriBullet!


I know that this sounds corny, but the NutriBullet has changed my way of life.  I know what you’re thinking, “What?!  A blender changed your life?”.  No.  The NutriBullet changed my life.  As you all know from a previous review I did, I am on a mission to become healthier, for both myself and my family.  Yes, I’ve implemented the standard “eat right and exercise”, but working out of the home 50+ hours a week, doing photography sessions on the evenings and weekends, and keeping up with my children’s activities, I have found it very hard and inconvenient to “eat right” all of the time.  There are many times that I leave the house in the morning and forget my breakfast and sometimes even my lunch.  By the time I get home I’m starving and make bad choices.  Not anymore.  The NutriBullet has come to my rescue!

The NutriBullet is more than just an appliance, it’s a way of life.  When you receive your NutriBullet, you receive a NutriBullet User Guide and Recipe Book.  This book explains the importance of extracting the nutrients, how to use the NutriBullet, gives recipes, and explains the 6-week plan.  Granted, you don’t HAVE to use the plan- but in my mission to become healthy I thought I’d give it a shot.

With each Bullet you make, you are to use 50% greens, 50% fruits, and add a boost.  The User Guide gives you some ideas of what you can make, as well as a suggested list of greens, fruits and boosts for each phase (there are 3 phases, each 2 weeks long).  I won’t go into everything in the book, but that, along with a meal plan (which is super easy) will definately help you feel healthier and become healthier.

Let NutriBullet help change your life by purchasing your own at or you can enter to WIN your own NutriBullet, that’s right, A Day in Motherhood and NutriBullet are giving away one NutriBullet system to one lucky reader!  I can’t wait to hear how NutriBullet has changed YOUR life too!

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