When I had the opportunity to review the Moulin Roty’s Les Petit Merveilles line of Nighttime Shadow Puppets, I have to admit I was reluctant. My boys are 11 & 7 and attached to their electronic devices as often as I will allow. I thought it was worth a shot- at least the 7 year old would have some fun. When they arrived, my youngest couldn’t wait to get the package open.

nighttime shadow puppets

We got the Dinosaur Shadows, a 10 piece puppet set including Triceratops, Parasaulophus and Brachiosaurus. I handed him the package, hoping he’d read the directions and test it out, just to make me happy. I was shocked at what happened next. He started taking the dinosaurs out, one by one, and identifying them. I saw the 11 year old peer over their iPods. Then… they put them down… and helped him identify them. “There are 2 kinds of this one”. “Yes Josh, they travel in packs”. It was comical. Before I knew it, they were in their room, all lights off except for the book light on the far side of the room. This isn’t exactly the way these were meant to work (remember, who needs directions? There are dinosaurs in this package!). Before I knew it, the 3 of them were playing. There were talking mountains and trees. Dinosaurs were, of course, attacking other dinosaurs. When I stepped in and reminded that one of the attacking dinosaurs was a plant eater, and thus, not prone to eat one of his friends, one of my 11 year olds turned around and said “Mom, don’t ruin this with science”.

nighttime shadow puppets

They played for an hour. They laughed, roared, screeched. I was AMAZED.The next day, I found them up in the room again. This time, the 7 year old was playing with the puppets, while the other 2 played their instruments to make theme music for his scene. To say I am impressed is an understatement.

 The puppets are well made and simple. They’re ready to use out of the package, no assembly required. They all fit in to a convenient stand for display and storage.

nighttime shadow puppets

Available in addition to the dinosaur set are a circus, Paris and castle shadows. There is even a Nighttime Shadow Theater to give your new characters a proper stage. These puppets are available through Magicforest, an American toy importer proud to be the exclusive distributor of Moulin Roty.

nighttime shadow puppets

You can find them at  with a vast variety of nighttime shadow puppets.

Nighttime Castle Shadows

Nighttime Dinosaur Shadows

Nighttime Circus Shadows

Nighttime Paris Shadows

Nighttime Shadows Theatre


nighttime shadow puppets

MagicForest is providing a giveaway of your choice of the Castle, Paris, Circus of Dinosaur Shadow set. Just Enter Below and Good Luck!!! Must be a US resident, 18+ to enter. 

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