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Every night, I tuck my kids into bed, push the hair from their faces and watch as they drift off into peaceful slumber only to wake in the morning. I get a bubble bath, file my nails, pour some 100 year old wine into my Tiffany’s wine glass, flipping through channels, landing on NickMom and the funny sitcom, Instant Mom on Nick Jr., wishing they did not go to bed so early. It is so relaxing.


If you believe that, I have a lake in my back yard that houses mermaids and a tree that spills money when the wind blows.

Bedtime is a NIGHT MARE here. And by the time I get my kids to bed – only to be woken several times a night for various needs  – I am frazzled and need some serious #MotherFunny relief!

In fact, the only thing true about the previous statement is that NickMom airs new episodes of Instant Mom – a super funny comedy – on the Nick Jr. channel every Sunday at 10:00 pm EST and reruns can be viewed every night. So when you have had a day and need a laugh – and we all know NOTHING is on TV by the time we get the kids settled – turn to the go to show that will have you grinning before your kids can yell for you because their night light is making shadows on the ceiling.


I would LOVE to gather my friends and watch this show together while having some snacks that I don’t have to share. But moms are busy. So, my friend Jennifer and I  – she is also known as the Pinterest Queen on this blog – decided to have a good, old fashioned Modern Girl’s Night in!

We both prepped some delicious snacks, booted up the computers and Skyped with laughter through a new episode of Instant Mom Sunday night!


Oh the fun! Now Jennifer has some pretty good ‘spoil me, my kids are in bed snacks‘, but you know I had to try to top her. So below are my quick tips for a fun snack tray with a ‘Sangria Mocktail’. All of it was created from the stuff I stole from my kids!

Chocolate Covered Fruit

Slice Fruit
Drizzle Hershey’s Syrup over it
Freeze for an hour
Eat straight from cookie sheet – this is an important part of the recipe. I do not want to wash another dish!


Easy Egg Salad

Dice 2 hard boiled eggs
1 Tablespoon of mustard
1 tablespoon of mayo
Salt and pepper to taste
Blend together and scoop with Fritos!

Guacamole and Chips

Open guacamole
Add chips


Now for the Sangria Mocktail. Now, I don’t drink when I have my kids at all. I always feel that I need to be alert 24/7 in case something happens to them. I am the only adult in the house and I have to be able to go at a moment’s notice. But taking a glass, making it pretty and adding a ‘mocktail’ can give me that spoiled feeling without the head fuzz.


Dip glass in lemon (or wipe a cut lemon around the lip)
Dip into sugar
Dip into pretty sprinkles because we are never too old for sprinkles
Add pears, apples, grapes – whatever you can find – I did pears
Pour in half of 7 Up and half of grape juice and – wala – an easy, fun, Sangria Mocktail just for mom!

Despite my ‘bad hair life’ and my kids screaming that they were scared of the dark – 4 nightlights they have in their room, y’all – we had so much fun! Instant Mom is funny and I love that the kids channel I have on all the time now has something for us moms at night!


How do you spend time with your friends when the kids go to bed? Invite them via Facetime or Skype and party it up – #MotherFunny Style!


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