Another winner from Nickelodeon hits shelves June 21 for your kids summer enjoyment!

In Summer Vacation, all of my kids favorite characters, from Dora the Explorer to Ni Hao, Kai Lan, explore and celebrate the enjoyment of summer!

In Baby Crab, Dora and her friends are relaxing on the beach when they hear a cry for help.  Finding a trapped baby crab, Dora and Boots try to free him and help him home to his mother.  In true Dora fashion, they must travel through several obstacles before them to get the baby crab to his mother!

Diego and his pals help Panchita the Prairie Dog find a grassy prairie for her family.  Despite the tough times ahead, Alicia and Diego work diligently together to get find them an appropriate home.   My kids love this episode!

Did you know that Hermit Crabs outgrow their shells?  The Wonder Pets help Save the Hermit Crab that is in such a predicament!  After they solve that issue, they Save a Dolphin in Hawaii!  With songs and teamwork, they create an episode of great fun!

Blue heads out on a Big Car Trip during his summer vacation! While stopping along the way at the gas station and post office among other places, Blue plays interactive games and sings songs to entertain herself!

Yo Gabba Gabba is another Nickelodeon favorite that enjoys the Summer with their friends!  They play bubbles, sing “Jumpy Jump” and other ‘get up and dance with us’ songs and then throw a pool party where each character learns the value of waiting their turn!

Not to be left out, Ni Hao, Kai-lan and gang is going to a summer party! During the party, Rintoo starts to cry and the characters have to figure out a way to make sure everyone can play a game so that no one has hurt feelings!

With all of the lessons and songs and friends, this DVD offers my kids a playdate without heading out into the Texas heat!

Summer Vacation deputes on shelves on Tuesday, June 21 at your favorite retailer!

Summer Vacation is also available in the Play Dates 2 Collection of Nickelodeon Favorites!

Or you can purchase it on for $12.99 starting Tuesday!

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