I love compilation DVD’s!  Especially when they include all of my kid’s favorite Nickelodeon characters in fun and active episodes!

Nickelodeon Favorites: Dance to the Music will be released February 28, 2012.  And I suspect it will be an instant hit with fans of many Nickelodeon shows!  Because everyone from Dora to the Bubble Guppies are singing, dancing and having fun in this six episode compilation!

Running 144 minutes, your kids can join Ni Hao, Kai-Lan as she and friends have a talent show in the backyard!  But while preparing The Ant Dance, a bossy ant takes over.  Kai-Lan turns to the viewers to help her show the ant that everyone’s participation is valuable!

In Butterfly Dance, Team Umizoomi heads to Milli’s friends school play.  But when the friends costume is missing some parts, the team must work together to find and create the costume so that she can dance in ‘The Big Bug Show’.

The Wonder Pets have two episodes in this dance DVD.  Save the Beetles is a play on The Beetles and the Yellow Submarine and Fiddler Crab on the Roof mirrors Fiddler on a Hot Tin Roof!

The Bubble Guppies got my kids up and dancing and learning everything about Rock and Roll!  This one is a lot of fun and I love watching my kids get excited about it!

Dora the Explorer takes kids on a musical adventure as try to get Boots’ music teacher to school in time to greet her students with song.  But her bike is broken so Dora and Boots must travel through the town and over Musical Mountain in order to help her in La Maestra de Musica. 

And finally, Diego and friends try to find a missing iguana so it can participate in The Iguana Sing-Along.

This is a great multi-episode and character DVD and we watched it at least a few times this week while everyone battled a stomach virus!  Add Nickelodeon Favorites: Dance to the Music to your collection on February 28!  Find it at your local retailer or on Amazon!

And because Nickelodeon wants to make sure you do, ONE of my readers will win a copy of this fun DVD.  Just click [complete reading] for easy Rafflecopter entry:

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