The smile my daughter has on her face when she receives a new baby to love is priceless! So when the new My First Nenuco Kisses Nenuco and the My Little Nenuco Dolls arrived, she was overjoyed!

Nenuco Baby Dolls Inspire Imagination


One thing that encourages imaginative play in little girls is by caring for their favorite dolls.  Reasons why you get your daughter a doll can vary.  It could be because you want her to be a girly girl like you were growing up or maybe you’re an expectant mother and want her to have something to help ease the transition into becoming a big sister or you just have a little girl who loves to care for babies.

Nenuco Dolls, a prestigious European company since 1977, has crafted a line of soft-body baby dolls so that young children everywhere can practice taking care of and nurturing a new baby. With their Nenuco Doll in their arms and the best role model a girl could have (That’s you, Mom!), they will be well on the way to being an amazing big sister or sweet, nurturing individual in general.

Nenuco Baby Dolls Inspire ImaginationNEW

What if you had a doll that could give you kisses back? My First Nenuco Kisses can do just that!  It’s so adorably sweet when you bring the baby doll to your face, she will give you kisses right on your cheek.

My Little Nenuco is also a great choice for your little one.  Holding it feels like a real baby because of its soft, cuddly body.  This particular doll comes adorned with animal designs and a pacifier to help soothe her to sleep.  A great feature for parents, and you know what I mean moms & dads, is the built in clothing, hat, shoes and attached pacifier that make it easy to clean and take care of.

Nenuco Baby Dolls Inspire Imagination

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