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The Neater Feeder is a welcomed addition to my home and pooches! A hand full of dog food on my floor… Yes, this was a daily task for me to pick up the random dog food off of my floor and wipe around the dog bowls.  It was a tireless duty that I have taken on for many, many years! I LOVE my dogs; and for 9.5 years that I have owned my sweet rescued Terripoos, I have cleaned their feeding frenzied mess.

neater feeder

Just take a look at my “floor before” photo below, and ask yourself… is this me? I have owned dogs all of my life, and I am willing to bet you can nod your head to that question.  I have never come across a more fantastic pet feeder than the NEATER FEEDER! Here’s why I love it:

  • The bowls are lifted with a sleek design in great colors, to prevent food from falling out of their mouths as easily. (My old dogs appreciate this tall design too, you know bending over is hard on their old bones *Wink*) We joke about our “old” dogs having  a rough life, but in all honesty, this tall design is more comfortable for them.
  • Food stays in the container! This is a biggie. I am not sure how in the world food even got all over the floor with my other dogs bowls, but I know this: I have not had to pick up food off of my floor since the Neater Feeder arrived on my doorstep!
  • Spilled water is directed to the bottom reservoir to keep your floor DRY!

The Neater Feeder comes in various sizes and even has extension legs to accommodate the size of your pet! Cats, dogs, or the random raccoon that sneaks in your cat door at night! (Thank you to my friend Chris, for allowing me to use this actual picture from his home!)

neater feeder

The Neater Feeder has 2 parts, the top part which holds the dog bowls, has a front drain which is gently sloped.  The bottom is a reservoir for the spilled, or dripped water. This is perfect for any pet owner to keep anywhere in the home! We have hard wood floors, so water messes are a big concern for me, or rather used to be a concern.  My floor is clean and dry!

neater feeder

The Neater Feeder is a no-hassle, must have for me! My dogs actually growled at each other as they both wanted to try the new system… their reaction has been priceless. The Neater Feeder has given me piece of mind that I have one less task to accomplish in my busy day! Go ahead and treat Buster to a Neater Feeder, YOU deserve it!

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