I am so so excited to tell you guys about my latest find in all natural household cleaning products!  Natural House probiotic cleaning products are for the dirtiest, smelliest parts of your house!  Not the kitchen counters, but for the disposal and plumbing!  Not for the toilet bowl, but or the sewer and septic tanks.  Not for the air, but for scrubbing and refreshing your trash cans!

I told you… the ickiest places now have a new cleaner.  And, as a super double bonus, they are eco-friendly!  It’s really cool, actually, how this stuff works.  It used probiotics to eat away the most horrid odors in the “underground” of your home.  And they are non toxic and biodegradable.  How cool is that?

And they have the best names.  But that really has nothing to do with the supreme performance I have experienced in the last three weeks in my house, so we’ll move on!

Trashy, Flushy and Sinky are the three products I got in a 30 day supply.  Trashy is the trash can cleaner and deodorizer that really does eliminate that “trash” odor that I use to just cover up with sprays.  Plus, the product itself has a very light, clean aroma!  So there is no slam in the face of a mist that makes me cough as I am trying to put the new trash bag in!  I just take the trash out, spray Trashy in the can, let it eat away for a few minutes at whatever yuck makes the trash can always smell, wipe the bottom with a paper towel, and put the new bag in.  We do it weekly and it does really eat away at that trash can grease and grime and odor!  And after three weeks, the bottom of the can, where that muck gathers is shiney and stainless again!  YEA!

Flushy is the eco-friendly, probiotic pipe and septic cleaner.  I LOVE this stuff!  We have septic in our country neighborhood and have had septic issues since we moved in.  The largest problem I have is that it always seems to smell in the guest bathroom.  The bathroom is the furthest from our tanks so I always wondered why that was.  Well now I know the pipes need more than just a tank treatment monthly, they needed to be cleaned weekly!  How do I know?  Because after 3 weekly treatments, the smell is gone!!

Hold please while I do a happy dance!

All you do with Flushy is toss it in once a week, watch its foaming action go to work, brush the bowl and flush!  And it leaves an underwhelming – thank goodness – fresh faint scent that really seems to last.  And though I can not see it, I know those little probiotics are eating away at toilet paper that has gotten hung up along the way and other bacteria that grows and creates that terrible odor.

And now we are to Sinky.  The disposal scrubber and drain maintenance cleaner that cleans up the mess that we throw down our sinks!  This is just as easy to use as the others.  Again, a once a week treatment, you toss the packet into the drain, turn on your hot water for about 10 seconds, your disposal for 3 seconds, and then sit back and marvel at the foaming action as it cleans and starts eating away at the muck and grime.  This stuff, along with the Flushy, even eats grease!  So even though I pour my grease into a container and not down the drain, I know that it is getting the little tidbits that I missed or were on my pans!

I am a true convert to Natural House products now!  But I know that it is hard to sit and read how it works and get it all.  So watch this video for even more information on why this is a superior product on the market and why everyone should try it!  It is a really cute video and very entertaining!

Now that you have read my spectacular experience with Natural House and have met my new friends, Sinky, Trashy and Flushy, here are a few places you can buy them!  Remember, each packet is a 30 day supply that you will use once monthly!  And at $4.99 each for the MONTH, they are completely affordable too!

Natural House Product Line on Amazon

The Natural House Website 

Try it out guys!  Use these in your house instead of bleach or some other chemical smelling product and come back and tell me if you agree that these are fantastic!

ALSO, because Natural House people are also very cool, I get to giveaway a 30 day supply of all three Natural House products to one of you!  Just click [continue reading] for easy Rafflecopter entry!