Well color me excited on this one!  No – really!  This is great!  And not only because I have found something safe and entertaining online for my girls to play, but because I get to give 10 (TEN) of my wonderful readers an educational, fun, safe, and slightly addictive – even for Mom – product to play!

National Geographic’s Animal Jam is a colorful, virtual world for children to explore.  Now, it says it is for ages 5 – 11, but my 3 and 4 year old’s are hooked!

My kids created their avatar to play with and properly named their pink bunny, with yellow ears, and hearts all over, “Princess Cuteflower”.  It just fit.

We took Princess Cuteflower – we call her ‘Cute’ for short – through doors and tunnels and down paths in the virtual world of Jamaa.  We played games and danced in Club Geos, painted pottery and printed coloring pages in the art studio in Coral Canyons, recycled paper and plastic trash in Sarepia Forest, and  made warm cups of hot cocoa on Mt. Shiiver at The Hot Cocoa Hut.

And we still have to explore the beaches of ‘Crystal’ Sands, the ruins of the ‘Temple of Zios’, and so so much more.  Not to mention all of the little clubs and stores that we can get into that allow the kids to play games, answer trivia, and put their artistic skills to the test!  Kids can even watch movie bytes in the Sarepia Theatre!

In addition, kids can make friends with other avatars and play games against them.  Like Tic – Tac -Toe, The Shell Game, and Match Four.  All games that my girls can easily play and Katie even beat all of her opponents today!

As if that were not enough, a player can earns gems to buy and swap clothing and goods with other players!

But my favorite, favorite, favorite thing so far about Animal Jam is that as the child goes along their journey, opening doors, running down paths, and hanging out in rooms with their friends is that it is really an educational game!  YES! You know how I LOVE educational things tied in with fun time!

There are little “buttons”, green with a leaf for earth science facts, a gold animal paw for animal facts, and even little red ant buttons to learn about insects.  Katie and Sarah clicked on them all and kept having me come and read them for them!

Truly, guys… this is a GREAT learning tool for kids!

One of my fears in doing this review and giveaway was the online safety issue for my kids.  But National Geographic has thought of that too! When you sign up you have two accounts.  One child account and one parent account.  You, as a parent can monitor everything your child is doing online.  In addition, you can monitor their settings and YOU control if they have chat capabilities, who they buddy up with, and so on.  It really gives me a sense of control over who my kids are “playing” with!

“Plus, Animal Jam is supervised 24/7 by moderation technology as well as a team of professional moderators who uphold both safety and good conduct. And, Animal Jam is free of advertising and product promotion!”


You can imagine that I am going to give National Geographic Kids Animal Jam 5 huge stars, two thumbs up, and the big ole stamp of Lori approval!  An added bonus is that it keeps my kids busy for longer than 5 minutes, so that adds another star!

You can play Animal Jam for free.  But take it from me – who played a whole week without the code so the kids could learn how to use a computer – it is way more fun and educational when we had a membership!

So – here is the deal!  You can pay per month – $5.95 – or buy a longer membership for your kids!

OR -10 (TEN) of my wonderful readers can try out the game for FREE by winning a one month membership for their kids!


Giveaway open to US Residents, 18+

Giveaway Ends 4/29/2011 at 11:59pm CST


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PLEASE join me in thanking National Geographic and Animal Jam for this Very Generous Giveaway!

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