Sometimes products I love come out with complimentary products and I just have to see what they are all about.  Last year, I reviewed the My Image Bracelet Maker and it is still in use today!   So when I found out there was a My Image Button Maker, I was excited to see how my girls would like it!

My Image Button Maker

Seriously, these My Image Makers are so easy and fun to use, are easy to store, and have everything you could possibly need to create unique things with your children.

The My Image Button Maker allows kids to not only create pre-printed images that come with the kit, but also allows mom to help them create online images – like photos of themselves – to turn into a fashionable button as well.  Pin them on clothing, bags and backpacks for an individual style that can not be matched!

My Image Button Maker

I opened the Button Maker which has drawers full of the supplies.  Everything you need is included.  The buttons, the images, the pins and even magnets to put them on the fridge.

My girls chose the images they wanted, slid the cards into the cut out hole, pushed the lever and wala!  A perfectly sided image popped out ready to turn into a button.

With the clear plastic top part of the button laying in the holder on the machine, the image lies inside.  Then you snap in the back of the button which either has a magnet or pin.  It is simply that easy!

In addition to the pre-printed images, go to MyPhotoSizer.myfbm.com and create images to pick up at your favorite printing place.   Just select an image, crop it and download it.  It is recommended that you go to a photo shop, like CVS, to pick it up but you can print it at home!

My Image Button Maker

If you are looking for fun things for your kids to do that ignites their imagination and personal style, check out the My Image Button Maker!  I bet they love it as much as my kids do!

**I received this product for review purposes only.  All opinions and writings are my own.  Please see my Disclosure Statement for more information.**