Some toys are just cool.  And I determine that by how much I want to play with them in addition to my kids excitement.  I also like toys that inpire creativity, activity and thought process!  The My Image Bracelet Maker is just such a toy.

My Image Bracelet Maker

If you have little girls this might just be one of the most fun things to do with them!  ALL of my girls, ages 3 and up were into this big time.  So much so that they are making bracelets for their friends and I have already had to order My Image Bracelet Maker Refill Kit!

So this is how it works.  I helped on some parts but my girls did the most!

Inside the sturdy kit are 52 images, a glue stick, multiple colored tiles, elastic strings and a ton of imagination!  We each picked colors for 0ur bracelets.  I then measured my girls wrists with some string and counted out the tiles so that the bracelets were the right size.

My Image Bracelet Maker

When we had the right number of tiles I lined them up on the Image Maker.  As my girls chose from the TONS of images to add to their bracelets, I easily threaded the elastic strings through the tiles.  The way the kit is created, you can just line up the tiles and slide them through.

As the girls lined up the images they wanted and popped them out with the easy to use cutter – even my 3 year old could pop out an image – I got ready with the glue.  Now, this seems to be a regular glue stick and I found that you have to use a lot of it to make the images stay, but they do adhere and my girls still have the images a few weeks later.

My Image Bracelet Maker

As the kids picked the images that best fit their personalities, I checked out how neat and tidy the kit is.  It comes with two drawers where the accessories and bracelet making supplies stay organized.  And when the replacements arrive, I’ll just add the supplies, close the drawers and put it on the shelf for the next time.

But back to the bracelets.  Once my kids finished with their images, I tied the ends and snipped the excess string.  And then I used the handy knotting tool to tuck the knot into one of the tiles.

My Image Bracelet Maker

My kids STILL wear their bracelets and though I have had to use some glue reinforcements on some images, they have held up well.  They LOVE making bracelets for their friends and it gives them a great sense of pride to explain what all to the tiles mean!

We love this line of creative toys and, if you watch QVC, you will see specials and deals on them all through the holiday season!

My Image Bracelet Maker

We now have the My Ribbon Barrette Maker and Refill and the My Friendship Bracelet Maker for Christmas presents.  I can not wait to see how creative my kids get with these!

**I received this kit for review purposes only.  All opinions and writings are my own.  Please see my Disclosure Statement for more information.**