As you know, I have three young daughters.  And I like to spoil them.  I know it will come back to haunt me in the end, but I want them to have things that are special, unique and one of a kind.  So when the makers of My Twinn Doll asked me to order and review their new My BFF doll, I happily accepted with excitement!

The BFF Doll was a good fit for us because I would have been hard pressed to choose which daughter I wanted to have the spitting image of in the My Twinn.  So, we all gathered around and designed “Katie Sarah Megan” together.  Yes, that is her name.

I was immediately impressed with how incredibly easy it was to use the website to design our doll.  And how many options there are in choosing what she would look like and wear!  We chose facial shapes, skin tone, the shape and color of her eyes, the shape of her nose and so much more!  We could even add glasses and freckles.  And the outfits, such a cute selection!  It took us about 30 minutes with the four of us gals to design her.

There are so many options from eyebrow color and shape to how to style her hair, that I can not even begin to share them all here!  Just take a moment to check out the Virtual Doll Designer to get an idea of all you can do!

As I looked at our doll on the screen, I privately though that there was no way she was going to look this amazing in person.  It just seems impossible to make her so life like!

It takes several weeks for the doll, custom to each order, making these virtually one of a kind, to be built and created for your little girls.  But while we waited, I got the best surprise!  And email from My BFF Doll saying that I had been awarded a $50 FREE Credit for accessories for my doll!

Surely not?

Surely so!  With my credit, I purchases three beautiful, sweet, life like kitty cats for my girls for Christmas, a bowl for the cats ‘food’, which came with a little mouse, a bed for the cat and matching hats for my daughters and their My Bff Doll being carefully created back at the ‘shop’.  I could not believe all of the accessories I got!  I have to tell you, if you are going to spend $150 – $200 on a beautiful doll, it is fantastic to get great free stuff in return!

Our doll arrived about three weeks after we ordered her.  Carefully tied into the box with ribbon, “Katie Sarah Megan”  literally took my breath away when I saw her!  Her gorgeous green eyes – chosen because that is the color of Mommy’s – glisten from beneath their hand placed eyelashes and sparkled in the light.  Her little nose – chosen because it looked like Sarah’s – was almost identical to what Sarah’s really looks like!

Her lips – based on Megan’s sweet smile – are gently brushed a pale pink and the perfect imitation of Megan’s sly little smile.  Her hair – chosen to match Katie’s blond bob cut – shone and glistened in the light.  Highlighted and hand cut and styled evident as it flowed and layed perfectly.

She is dressed in the very stylish outfit we had chosen and underneath is a delicate, little girl, camisole set.

She just looks so… real!  See her delivery below:

When my girls saw her, they all gasped with excitement.  And then they took turns giving her kisses and telling her how much fun they were going to have!  I was so thrilled to watch them appreciate this very special gift and so grateful to the makers of My Bff Dolls for letting me give her to them!

You can easily order your own My BFF Doll for the little girl(s) in your life on the website.  And right now, spend $100 – $149 and get $20 in FREE accessories of your choice!  Spend $199 or more and get $50 in FREE accessories of your choice!

And if you want to try to WIN a My Bff Doll of your own, you can place your entry on their contest page between now and December 5, 2011!  I wish you the absolute best of luck.

These dolls are… perfect!  Every little girls dream, every mother’s thrill to give.  Yes, they are pricier than a doll on a shelf, but they are well worth in, in my opinion and will last a lifetime!

**I received this product for review purposes.  My writings and opinions are my own.  Please see my Disclosure Policy for more information.**