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Raising girls raises a lot of concern sometimes. Along with making sure they have good self esteem and image is the concern that what they are putting in and on their bodies might be harmful. I want to try to pick products that they use to wash their hair and brush their teeth with that are more on the natural side. One of the ‘beauty’ products they use the most is lip balm. From chapped lips to just looking pretty, they love the stuff. So finding out that there is a natural fun product on the market called Mwah® Lip Balms was a really awesome thing for me!

Mwah Lip Balms and Glosses are Awesome Review & 2 Winner Giveaway

Mwah® offers an effective, fresh, high-quality, and healthy spin on lip care that’s still affordable for all young women. Mwah lip care products are natural, void of harmful chemicals and preservatives, never tested on animals, produced in a 100% solar powered factory in southern California and with a portion of all profits donated to the World Wildlife Fund. The collection includes three lip balm products: a slider tub, a stick and a gloss, all available in a variety of yummy flavors for girls looking for an irresistible pucker.

Mwah Lip Balms and Glosses are Awesome Review & 2 Winner Giveaway

The day I got my packs in the mail, the kids were all over them! The variety is so fun! From the slide out balm that they can apply with their fingers to the balm stick that they can put on and go, these balms are too fun! The lip gloss is my little one’s favorite because it is shiny and fun making her feel very grown up!

The available flavors are so yummy and not like those you would find on shelves! From Coconut Chick, Mango Tango, Sweet Tart to Creamsicle, Mango Madness, Strawberry Sweetheart and even Berrylicious, Peachy Keen, and Sugar Lips, there is something for everyone!

Mwah Lip Balms and Glosses are Awesome Review & 2 Winner Giveaway

I was lucky enough to get two full sets of the entire product line!  When I want to get more – which I will – I will check out my local retailers and stock up! Make a note to check out these super cool, super better for you and your girl’s lip balms and glosses! I bet you love them as much as we do!

Want to start your collection now? TWO of my readers will WIN the entire line! Each pack includes slider tubs, sticks and glosses in all of the flavors! Just enter below and GOOD LUCK!

Giveaway ends 3/11/2015. Giveaway open to US Residents, 18+ only.