I have had three infants – all in a row.  And one of the most frustrating parts of loving such a miracle is sleep deprivation.   Most moms don’t mind it and understand that as they grow, they will sleep better.

But I remember trying every trick in the book to get my babies to sleep with whatever tools I could.  Story time that lasted forever, fun night lights, musicals contraptions on the crib and rocking until the carpet was worn away.   But I was still so very tired!


Now, long after the infant period is over in my house but in time for baby mama’s everywhere, one of my favorite baby brands, Munchkin, has come out with fun tools to help baby fall a seep and stay asleep!

The Light My Way Nightlight is an adorable owl character that is both a play light and nightlight, featuring timed shut-off and easy-to-grasp handle to help light the way during bedtime or middle-of-the-night feedings.  This product is recommended for ages 2 and up so my little one, Megan, now carries it around with her!  She even ‘pretend sleeps’ so the owl is happy!  I absolutely love this. It calms her and gives her that sense of protection but it does not get hot at all.


And the super cool Lulla-Vibe Vibrating Mattress Pad is the winner of a prestigious JPMA Innovation Award, the Lulla-Vibe employs patent-pending technology that helps babies fall asleep quickly. Compact and portable for use under crib mattresses or nursing pillows, the Lulla-Vibe creates a soothing sensory experience for baby, regardless of the environment and can be controlled at the simple push of a button.

Now, I can’t test the Lulla-Vibe out because I don’t have an infant or a crib, but I can tell you the awards and reviews are real and they would be something I would buy and use for my babies.  Because any healthy, safe tool that will help me and my baby get sleep is a good thing!

Check out the entire Munchkin line at your local store and online and Sweet Dreams!

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