Have you ever smelled really fresh, savory, baked bread?  The kind that plumps up like a cloud and absorbs butter like land plagued with drought absorbs water?

That is the Mrs. Baird’s Bread I remember.  Growing up in Austin, Texas, I remember field trips to their bakery – or factory.  Eager and inhaling the wonderful, warming smell of their bread, we would walk the line, watching the pouring of the dough, the famous twist of the loaf,  and the steam coming from the freshly cut bread.

Slathered in butter, we would sit, slowly eating, wishing we could have more.

It is a wonderful memory that draws me to the Mrs. Baird’s name every time I need bread and baked goods!

But even though we still have Mrs. Baird’s Bread in our home every week, my husband won’t eat anything else, I am always excited to try something new!

I am so glad that to ‘try something new’, I only had to go back to my childhood favorite, and 100 year old proven company, Mrs. Baird’s Bread!

Mrs. Baird’s New Grillin’ Thins are amazing!  I received both flavors – White Grain and Whole Grain, and immediately got to work incorporating them into my recipes!

First up, my children’s favorite, grilled cheese. I did not even butter the bread.  At 100 calories each, I wanted to see if my kids would eat it.  I simply put the cheese in the middle and –  well – grilled it.

My kids loved it!  They inhaled the crispy sandwich and Katie even asked for another.  No butter needed! Because the amazing flavor of Mrs. Baird’s Grillin’ Thins is so concentrated into these little “buns”, no need for additional flavoring is needed.  And I love that as a Mom!

The next day, I tested my very picky, must have Mrs. Baird’s Large Loaf White Bread, husband.  I made a burger with all of the fixings.  Patty in place, I wondered if these little thins would hold it plus veggies plus mayo and mustard.

As my husband thoroughly enjoyed the burger, the bread held together just fine and he asked for another.  It is probably the first time I have gotten a true Whole Grain product into him – all 19 grams of it!

My next challenge for him will be the Grilled Buffalo Chicken Sandwich recipe I found on Mrs. Baird’s website!   And there are a ton of recipes for more than just Grillin’ Thins!  Check out this Taco Soup recipe I am thinking of doing tomorrow!

I love these Grillin’ Thins from Mrs. Baird’s Bread.  They work for a great toast to eggs and fruit, a delicious holder of sliced turkey and avocado, and a perfect balance to egg salad!  I suggest replacing all of your families sandwich and burger needs with Mrs. Baird’s Grillin’ Thins!

You can buy Mrs. Baird’s Grillin’ Thins at your local grocer.  And now, 5 of my lucky readers can try them for FREE!


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