Opening Friday June 17th, Father’s Day Weekend, the summer movie season’s first live-action family comedy event stars Jim Carrey, whose chilly relationship with his family heats up after he inherits six adorable, lovable and mischievous penguins.

I had the opportunity to go preview Mr. Poppers Penguins this weekend! I went ahead and took my 3 and 4 year old despite the PG rating. I figured I could just leave if it was too much for them!

I am SO glad I took them!

There is nothing in this movie that makes it PG over G, in my opinion.

It was cute and funny with a light story line.   Jim Carrey was at his best.  Though his typical campy jokes were present, he was easy to watch and, I thought, the most charming I had seen him in a while!  His take on raising penguins is hysterical and I loved watching as he struggled to find the right balance with his new found feathered family!

And I, personally, loved seeing Angela Lansbury back in action!

The co- stars, the penguins, were so very cute!  My girls were hooked from their very first appearance.  I am not sure how they did it, but by the end of the movie, even I wanted to have penguins living in my house!

The movie is full of laughter and love and pulls on the heartstrings just enough!

It was so nice to go to the theater with my young children and see something that was clean, fun, and definitely geared towards family!

And on Monday night,  I got the same reaction from friends that got to go preview it through me!

Just good, wholesome, family fun!  A must see for everyone!


Family comedy

Total Running Time: 97 minutes


Release:  June 17, 2011

Director: Mark Waters

Screenplay by: Sean Anders & John Morris and Jared Stern, based upon the novel by Richard Atwater and Florence Atwater

Producer: John Davis

Cast: Jim Carrey, Carla Gugino, and Angela Lansbury

**I got to review this movie prior to its opening date as a thank you for writing this post.  100% of the opinions and writings are’s and can not be duplicated or reused without prior permission.**