The cuteness of this movie makes it one of the most fun movies to own. Puppy in my Pocket: The Friendship Ceremony is a super lesson for kids! Princess Ava helps match puppies with children looking for friends! What a great lesson, right?

Puppy in my Pocket: Adventures in Pocketland

Welcome to Pocketville, where beautiful kitty Princess Ava matches lucky children looking for a friend with new pets. One day her jealous twin sister, Eva, accidentally sends Ava to the real world while schoolgirl Kate is sent to Pocketville in her place. Kate and her new dog, Magic, must continue Ava s work until she can find her way home…while the devious Eva tries everything within her power to stop them and become the new Princess of Pocketville!

My girls thought this movie was adorable and they loved that puppies were finding homes! They did not like when the evil sister, Eva, came in and tried to mess things up! Puppy lovers to the core, my girls are all about animal happiness so to see Ava triumph was awesome for them!

I bet your daughter would love to have this fun movie in their stocking this year!

 Congratulations to our winners:  Debora D., Candice C., and Barbara B.!!!