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The Mouthguard Challenge Game is available on Amazon

We have seen this taking over on social media, popular shows like Ellen and every where else. It is just FUNNY to try to figure out what people are saying with a Mouthguard in! Now, the creators at Identity Games have found a way to get it into our homes so we can make fun of our family members while they try to talk with a Mouthguard in too! Available on Amazon December 1, 2016, but available NOW to put in your cart, this game will make your holiday season with laughter and joy!

The premise is simple. Put the Mouthguard in, draw a card and accept the challenge. Everything from ‘say this’ to ‘who can eat a banana the fastest’ to Revenge Challenges where you can regain your pride if you have lost a previous challenge.

The game itself comes with 5 Mouthguards, a stack of family- friendly cards and a box to store it all in. I wash the Mouthguards in hot water and soap to make sure they are nice and clean each time. The game is recommended for 16+ for the age but my three young ones really loved it and I never came across a card that was inappropriate. You can play with 2- 5 players or purchase more cheek extractors to expand the players.

The Mouthguard Challenge Game is here and funny!

If you are looking for a super fun and hysterical way to spend time with family, this game is it! I laughed so hard at the kids trying to whisper, talk and play. They are hooked too and want to do everything now with a Mouthguard in.

Put yours in your Amazon cart now and get it in time for those relatives to show you what they can do in a Mouthguard Challenge!