Don’t tell me girls don’t like cars!  And that they don’t like to drive them, customize them and crash them into each other just as any other child would!  My girls are IN LOVE with their new MOTORWORKS cars!  Especially since the accessories kits available to help make them their own are super fun and give them bragging rights!


We were very lucky to receive the XT-Sports 1.0, the  FX Tuner Wagon and the Custom Car Decals to play with!

Here is what I LOVE about these cars:

* My kids have not managed to destroy them!  This is BIG here -as my little one just snapped a toy necklace that she got yesterday and sent the beads flying all over the place.  They are made of durable wood that does not seem to dent, scratch or split.  They are soft to the touch – no splintering to worry about- and are not too heavy for my kids to fling down the hallway for optimum crash activity!

* They all come apart in pieces so that the kids can use their fine motor skills to put them back together!  The tops come off, the wheels and even the underframe.  My little one has had so much fun teaching herself how to put the cars back together.

See my kids telling what they love about these cars:

* There are a lot of different styles of cars!  The collection includes three different trim levels: Street Series, Speed Series and Extreme Series.  We got ours from the Street Series.  But it was very hard to choose!  They wanted them all and I am definitely adding to their collection on birthdays!

* Every car available can use the accessories kits to make them super special for your kid.  From lift kits to super cool racing wheels, these accessories make these cars unique!!  MOTORWORKS™ is the only line of customize-able wooden toy vehicles, accessories and play sets.

My girls had a BLAST decorating their cars with the decals.  And they still move them, swap them, share them and play with them to this day.  And we have had the cars a few weeks.


I think that these are the perfect safe, imagination encouraging cars and Manhattan Toys wants you to love them too!

ONE (1) of my readers will WIN A car and accessory pack of their choice!  Just enter below and GOOD LUCK!

**I received this product for review purposes only. All opinions and writings are my own.  Please see my disclosure statement for more information!**

Motorworks Cars from Manhattan Toy Choice + Accessories Kit