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Thrill the Kids with A Moosh-Moosh Christmas

Get ready to thrill your kids this Christmas with Moosh-Moosh clip-on, palm sized and large Moosh-Moosh plush animals! We opened the box and my kids went NUTS! Even my ‘tween’ grabbed three of her own, though she still refuses to be in photos! These marshmallow-soft, squishy animal pillows are the one item kids need on their beds, attached to their backpacks and in their hands to play with!

Thrill the Kids with A Moosh-Moosh Christmas for Sarah

‘Shop for over 72 styles online at and good luck picking just one! These addictive cuties are a hot seller at neighborhood Staples, JOANN Stores, AC Moore, and Party City. Traveling by plane this season? Stop into select Hudson News airport stores and discover an array of MooshMoosh characters.’

From lady bugs to sharks to unicorns and more, there is a Moosh-Moosh for everyone! My kids carry them around and curl up on the couch with them, take them to school to show their friends and even swap them out with each other to put together plays. I am adding to their collection for the holidays too!

Thrill the Kids with A Moosh-Moosh Christmas for fun

You know I love companies that give back too! Behind the MooshMoosh logo is a caring company that donates plush buddies as need arises. A Kindergarten teacher in the Washington, DC area was looking for an educator discount to buy her 28 students plushies for reading circle. Imagine her surprise when Sean Price, VP of Business Development and Marketing for parent company MMG Brands, shipped her two dozen soft friends!

Thrill the Kids with A Moosh-Moosh Christmas for happy kids

I LOVE that and it endears me to the brand even more!

Moosh-Moosh has more than soft plush animals too. They have the ever popular sequin plushes, slippers kids will love and hooded blankets too! For the holidays, they have holiday themed plushs too!

Check out Moosh-Moosh and order your kids new best friend today!