It is my pleasure to tell all of you about the neatest thing I have stumbled on in years! satisfied all of your greeting card needs in a fast, fun, easy to use website!  Based out of the UK (there are no international charges in the US, however), lets you choose, upload photos to, personalize and mail your greeting cards for all kinds of occasions right from their website!

From birthday cards to holiday cards, get well cards, and so many more, literally has a card for every occasion! There is even a card to congratulate a teen for passing their driving test!

And all categories have classic cards, funny cards, photo upload cards and more!  There are even some… ahem.. naughtier cards if you want to send something a little spicy for the one you love!  And with every one, you can add a special message, personalize it to a person and will print it and mail it directly to you or to the recipient!  You can even add your own written signature.

I decided to choose three holiday cards for business associates and one for my parents for Thanksgiving!  I had a hard time deciding with all of the greeting card selections, but when I did, guided me thorough the super easy process of making them personal.

And once I checked out, and paid $3.99 a card (compare that to the stores!)!

This is a GREAT, fun and easy website that helps you send greeting cards to those you love, work with or appreciate!  The art of mailing a card has gotten lost, I think, in the hustle and bustle of today!  So having a website that will do it for you is a wonderful thing!

Join the Prepay Club and keep your account funded for even faster personalized greeting cards!  AND, if you do, you will get 20% off your orders!

And just to make this site even more fun and easy to use, you can download the FREE app to your iPhone!  I did it in about one minute!  I can now send cards from my phone!  The Android app will be out soon too!

Try it out and let me know what you think!  If you need my address for my card, just let me know!

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