I have to be honest.  I have never purchased Moon Dough for my kids because I had a friend tell me that it was messy and hard to clean up.   So, I stayed away.

Well that was a mistake!  I don’t know if the new formula is just that much better or what  but I LOVE this stuff!

Designed for kids ages 3 and up, this magical molding dough is colorful, fun to play with, and as my 3 year old Sarah says, “so soft, mommy!”

The kit I received, the Moon Dough Push ‘N Pop Breakfast, came with yellow and red ‘dough’, 3 pop up shape makers, a twisty tool and a place mat with a plate on it.  The kids got to work… and I am including myself as a kid.  It is somewhat addicting, I’ll admit!

The pop up tools are awesome!  There is amazing detail when it pops out the dough.  And unlike some kids molding products, the odorless dough is really easy to cut through.  And it includes a twisty mold that let me… I mean, um… the kids decorate further with strawberries and more!

So the girls and I set to work creating breakfast!  And yes, the 2 year old ripped the dough apart and threw it – what did I expect – but with its new consistency, it was easy to pick up and roll back into a ball.  Sure, it left a few little pieces behind, but with the new formula, it did not stick to my carpet and was really easy to vacuum up!   I am still finding pieces of other molding products stuck in my shag!

I love this stuff.  I really do.  I am so glad that it is totally odorless, easy to use, and a fun project for my kids that will last.  Especially since Moon Dough does not dry out!  In addition, the new Moon Dough is hypo allergenic and wheat free!

Head to your local favorite retailers and pick up the Moon Dough Push ‘n Pop Breakfast or Moon Dough Push ‘N Pop Ocean Pals or any of the 8 great colors available!  At under $10 bucks each, it also makes the perfect gift!

AND, you can WIN one too!

Thank you to Mood Dough for offering one of my readers their own breakfast or ocean pals Moon Dough set!  Just click [continue reading] for easy Rafflecopter entry!