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Monster Halloween Party

Halloween is right around the corner! When Flipz sent me a coupon and party decor to try out their chocolate covered pretzels, I started thinking of how we could make this into a fun Halloween Party. We got the package right before Fall Break, so it seemed like a great time to celebrate with the kids. The weather has definitely been starting to change, so I wanted to try and get one last day enjoying the outdoors with them.

I packed them up, and we headed out to Target to grab some Flipz, and well…I sort of got sucked into the Dollar Spot. So many fun goodies were found, and well, my Halloween decor got stocked fairly nicely for some great prices. The kids favorite find though, were the glow masks. Pumpkins, witches and Frankenstein fit perfectly into our theme of little monsters.

Vampire chocolate pretzels

The girls decided the Flipz would make perfect little vampires. They were fairly simple to create, and entirely fun to devour. We used a square marshmallow base, cut to look like capes, added the chocolate Flipz for a face, and then embellished with candy eyeballs made from white sixlets and black gel. The vampire fangs are cut up marshmallows dipped in red sprinkles.

Monster Food

The vampires inspired a tray of “eyeballs” and “heads” that let the kids create their own little monsters. This is a party though, so we couldn’t stop there. Monsters are big and bold, but I wasn’t really in a cupcake mood. Instead I used these fun cupcake wraps and monster eye picks to decorate our monster cookies. These are great to make and get the kids in the kitchen. All you need is your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe and a mini muffin tin. The muffin tin helps direct how big the kids should roll their cookie balls, and it creates a fun crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside cookie.

Monster Cookie Cups

The weather turned significantly cold on us, so we had a pitcher of hot cider, and the option of hot cocoa to warm our hands and insides. What’s a cup of hot cocoa without some marshmallows though? We took the black gel used for our monster eyeballs, and created ghosts out of our square marshmallows as well. Impromptu parties are such a blast! A big thanks to Flipz for making this party happen, and starting our fall break off right.

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