We had a very long, cold and snowy winter in Ohio; and we all needed an energy boost in our home.  Spring cleaning has been slow since I have committed myself to every nook and cranny.  Too many illnesses, colds, stomach viruses took over my family this winter and the house has needed an extra germ-fighting cleanse as well.  We found Mommy’s Club products to fit our every need.

Mommy's club My family had the opportunity to try several of the Mommy’s Club products compliments of Riley & Lindsay Langdon.  Lindsay has been the absolute best for staying in contact, providing advice on use of the products and being available for questions.  My experience with the Mommy’s Club family has been a unique and positive event for our whole family! Let me tell you about some of the products you can find on their site. 

Total Body Health

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The Mommy’s Club Statement on Total Body Health

“A powerful 100 % vegetarian natural source of daily nourishment that contains a full spectrum of over 150 vitamins, minerals, super foods and enzymes.” **credit:

As a nurse, I believe it is vitally important to consult your physician before taking alternative health products.

Using fresh squeezed orange  juice everyday mixed with Total Body Health made for an easy pick me up in the morning.  It is packed with vitamins and minerals to treat your overall health for immune boosting results! Since taking this product I no longer dealt with the agonizing ill effects of the everyday pathogens that was bringing my body down.

Advanced Omega 3/6/9

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Mommy’s Club Statement on Advanced Omega 3/6/9

“Advanced Omega 3 molecularly distilled pure fish oil is loaded with Omega-3 rich fish oil which has been proven to be the most beneficial to your family’s health.” ** Credit:

Adding the lemon flavored formula Advanced Omega 3/6/9 to a cup of hot tea was the perfect way to hit the spot on those chilly mornings. The flavor is delightfully sweet lemon and can easily be taking with or without mixing.

Daily Cleansing Foam


The daily cleansing foam is a simple no-water rinse that can be used on hands, face, and other surfaces. This product is perfect for keeping in our car and quick cleaning while we are on the go! We stay busy with two children and their activities, so having a product that does not require water ensures that we can keep those little fingers clean even when we are away from home!

Perfect Touch Sanitizer

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This formula is designed to sanitize hands and surfaces without alcohol.  This means that parents do not have to worry about the harsh reactions, dry skin and strong odors associated with alcohol based products. Keep it in your purse or bag for quick sanitation when you can not always get to a sink. These cleansing products are odor free, gentle and safe! So parents can allow their kiddos to have fun and still protect them from harmful bacteria.  We took all of these products on a picnic for a fun filled, healthy afternoon!

**Some statements quoted from in which you can find out more about the Mommy’s Club products.**

To Find out just how toxic your home is be sure to take the toxic test.

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Find out more about the Mommy’s Club products with Riley & Lindsay Langdon who will help you choose what will work best for your family needs from infants to adults.

Connect with Riley & Lindsay on their Mommy’s Club Facebook Page

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