*I received Modarri cars in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own.*

Modarri cars can be mixed up and matched in countless ways!The box came. I knew there would be words of exclamations and “Is that for me?” asked over and over. I was pretty excited myself to pull out our newest Modarri cars and play with my son.

Instead, I invited my nephews over for an evening of fun, because I knew they would get this toy. They would be the playmate my son desperately wishes his sisters were.

Modarri cars are the ultimate toy car! adTheir little eyes got wide, and I knew I had made the right choice. For this night, I would stand back and be Mom and annoying picture taker. 

I reached in only when help was asked for. Sometimes the littlest hands had a hard time fitting the parts exactly together. For the most part, I silently watched as my son bonded with his cousin over the coolest cars we’ve ever had.

Make a Chalk Race Track for your Modarri Cars

The possibilities are endless with Modarri Cars. adIsn’t this the coolest silver and blue car you’ve ever seen? The kids all agreed it was the best looking one and would leave it put together – at least for as long as they could remember.

With 11 interchangeable pieces per car, the possibilities are truly endless! The Delux 3 Pack makes a fantastic starter set, giving your child plenty of possibilities to interchange, and build a car they love to play with.

Modarri finger cars are the ultimate in toy cars. adWhen the boys were done building their cars, they created an obstacle course of cones – included with the Modarri cars. Modarri cars are built with real steering and suspension mechanics, making this car the easiest, and most fun to drive. Put one finger in the driver’s seat, and this car will move in and out, around and backward with an ease no other toy car I’ve seen can do.

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