I have heard the buzz around the internet about the amazing website for printed cards, invitations, elegant photo journals and more called Minted.com.  But until it came time to do my holiday cards this year, I’d never really visited the site and looked around.

Well, this evening I took photos of my girls in their Christmas dresses and decided to use Minted.com to help preserve this Christmas season in a card!   And I am thoroughly impressed!  What a beautiful website!  

I first started with a really helpful feature that Minted.com has called “Find It Fast”.  It’s a great tool that can eliminate so much time scrolling and searching for the perfect card.  You simply download your photo and click the “Find it Fast” button.  Minted.com will generate a multitude of cards with your photo on it!  Then you just pick one you like!

I wanted four photos on my card so I used the feature and then chose my design that way.

When I downloaded my photos, I noticed that I could edit them right there in the program.  So I zoomed and centered and even chose to change my main photo to a sepia finish.  I could even change the background color on the print area to match my photos.  My card had 3 color options!

I hesitated for a moment before I ordered my Christmas cards and then noticed that there was a note that a designer would look over my card and then send me a proof to approve before they went to print!  I really like that because, let’s be honest, these things never look the same on the card as they do on the computer!

As I was completing my check out process, I noticed that I had an option to add a backer to my cards.  I could choose a design (instead of leaving it white) or I could add notes and another photo on the back!  So I picked a color photo and wrote a little bit about our year!  I love this feature as it eliminates the need to type up a separate “year in review” letter!

I can not wait to get my Christmas cards from Minted.com!  I just know that they will be as unique and special as is the season!

You can order your Minted.com cards on their easy to use website and save 15% with code READERS34 through November 28, 2011.  So snap those photos and then visit Minted.com and see for yourself how unique and beautiful this site is!

**I received this product for review purposes.  My writings and opinions are my own.  Please see my Disclosure Policy for more information.**