If you have a child who loves Mickey Mouse at all, then the new movie out on DVD June 11, 2013, Minnie’s the Wizard of Dizz will thrill them!  Preorder it NOW and get Free Shipping on June 11, 2013.  Minnie’s new full length adventure takes you and your children on a wondrous journey, full of adventure, fun and friendship.

Minnie's Wizard of Dizz

Join Minnie, Mickey, Pluto and the gang in this colorful movie complete with a pink tornado and the land of Dizz.  The classic tale gets a Mickey Mouse twist as rainbow trees, butterfly bows and “Chipmunchkins” decorate the story line and entertain your kids.

But all Minnie really wants is to go home!

See this clip below and get into the story:

Minnie and her new friends, Scarecrow Goofy, Mickey the Tin Man Mouse and Donald the Lion set off in Dizz to make their dreams come true.  But they have to avoid Bad Witch Pete and his quest for Minnie’s green, sparkling shoes!

My girls L O V E this movie!!  Love.  I mean, LOVE, this movie!  They love to dance and sing and tell Minnie and the gang what to do next.  It is a summer hit for sure and pales only to pool time at the moment!

With two bonus episodes, 10 Minnie’s Bow-Toon shorts and a Bow-Maker App, this DVD has fun and laughter for all!

And my kids are all over the puzzles, coloring sheets and more in the FREE Activity Pack too!  Just click below to get your activities!

 Want even more Minnies’s Wizard of Dizz excitement?