I, personally, find that quality make-up that covers all of my flaws is hard to come by.  I am not a ‘base’ girl and don’t like to gunk up my pores with heavy foundations and such.  So, for me, I think it is even harder to transform my face from almost 40 to something less with a simple stroke of the brush.

In addition, the more naturally made the product, the more likely I am to use it!

Mineral Hygienics 100% Natural Mineral Make-Up is right up my alley!!  Made with only 4 ingredients, this is a pure natural product that really covers!  Winning the #1 World Product Award is no accident for this make-up that provides natural, full coverage!

 Offering everything from natural protection from harmful sun rays to water resistance, this make-up helps me look like I have smoother skin, covers my developing dark spots and is non-allergic, non-inflammatory.  I can brush this on in the morning with nothing else and still feel like I look good!

I received the Starter Kit to try out for you guys.  Included in mine were the Light, Fairly Light, Medium Light, and Medium Sheer Mineral Foundation as well as the Silk Translucent Sheer Perfection finishing powder and the Cool Kiss Mineral Enhancer for those special bronzed look days!  A Kabuki Brush was also in the kit and helped me apply the make-up perfectly.

I tried the different foundations and found the combination of the Fairly Light plus the Silk Translucent Sheer Perfection to be the best for my skin!  Using the brush, I applied a very small amount –  it is amazing how little you need – to the brush and applied it in a circular motion.  Immediately my emerging dark spots and visual flaws disappeared.  And I did not feel like I was even wearing make-up.  I finished up with the translucent powder and marveled in the clarity and seemingly younger looking skin that the products created.

Even with two layers of make-up on, I still felt like my skin could breathe.  It is not heavy at all.  In fact, if I had not known I had applied it, I would say there was nothing on my skin!

Mineral Hygienics is perfect for busy moms like me who want a quick make-up that covers and protects without a lot of work!  A simple brushing on in the morning gives me a clearer complexion all day long!

And just to make the package even more appealing, Mineral Hygienics offers FREE SHIPPING to orders over $75, a 100% Color Match Gaurantee and a 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Check out the Mini and Full Sized Starter Kits along with all of the other wonderful 100% Natural Mineral products!  Which ones do you like and what are your most surprised that this make – up can offer?

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