I love that I live in a time where I can find better stuff at the grocery store for my kids just by heading to the Gluten – Free, Health food aisle.

Mi-Del cookies are delicious, fun to eat and a healthier alternative for my kids at “dessert” time.  We purchased the Ginger Snap and the Arrowroot Cookies that are shaped like animals (a great substitute for Animal Crackers!).  I read the labels and loved that the first ingredient listed on the Ginger Snaps package is Organic unbleached wheat flour!  And the other ingredients are just as natural making these a definate winner for my kids.

But the best part about the Ginger Snap cookies is the flavor!  And the crunch.   They literally are “Gingery” and “Snappy”!  And my kids, who have never had Ginger Snap Cookies, love them too!

Even though there are plenty of other great flavors of MI-DEL cookies – like Chocolate Chip and Honey Grahams – I chose to pick up two bags of the MI-DEL Arrowroot Gluten-Free Animal Shaped Cookies.  W don’t need to be Gluten-Free in this house, but I am learning that more and more products that have that option are just as tasty but can offer a healthier option.  I even found their Snack Size Cookies to try!

You can ask my kids… these MI-DEL Arrowroot Cookies are awesome!  They taste great, are light and full of flavor, and have a little crunch to make them fun!  I bet your kids won’t care a bit if you substitute this Gluten-Free option with the other.  SO Good!

We go through cookies in this house,  I won’t lie, so I am thrilled that MI-DEL cookies are available as a natural and gluten-free snack for my family!

Want to try them?

Get your hands on a free product coupon and a information about MI-DEL including some yummy recipes!  Gluten-Free Pumpkin Pie anyone?  YES PLEASE!  I will choose 3 Winners!

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