Not all meringue cookies are the same. Yes they are all delicious little clouds, but you can create them into all kinds of flavors and shapes.

Try one of these deliciously light and airy Meringue Cookies

Of course right here on A Day In Motherhood, we’ve got 3 types of meringues I’m sure you’ll enjoy – Peppermint, OREO, and Strawberry. I found the other 2 over on Pinterest among a variety of other delicious looking meringues.

'Tis the Season with Peppermint Meringue Cookies #SplendaHoliday ad

These Peppermint Meringue Cookies use SPLENDA® that gives them an extra bit of airiness.  The hint of peppermint and swirl of color only add to the beauty of this cookie.

OREO Meringue Christmas Tree Cookies #SpreadOREOCheer ad

Everyone bakes around the holidays. Who else finds their homes loaded with plates of cookies? Whether it’s a Christmas cookie swap, or you just want to celebrate Christmas in July, these OREO Meringue Christmas Tree Cookies will be perfect. Change up the sprinkles and you could make these fit into just about any party theme.

Heart Shaped Meringue Cookies

I thought the Christmas trees were lots of fun, but check out these Heart Shaped Meringue Cookies from Midget Momma! Aren’t those lovely? Now why haven’t I thought to shape them like hearts?

Strawberry Meringue Cookies

Have you ever had fruit meringue? Strawberry Meringue Cookies have added frozen strawberry bits that take meringue’s to a whole new level. You could try it with any of your favorite fruits, just make sure they are frozen first. It keeps the cookie light and airy.

Chocolate Swirled Meringue Cookies

Isn’t everything better with chocolate? That would include these Chocolate Swirled Meringue Cookies from Chocolate Chocolate and More. Joan used a cookie scoop to create the varying peeks on her cookies.

It’s hard to stop there with so many fantastic meringue recipes around. I’m sure you’re ready to go try some baking after looking at my 5 favorites.

 What flavor combination would you like? Maybe I’ll give it a try next.