I don’t have to have infants anymore to tell you how great MAM Baby Products are.  I used the products through all of my kids for paci’s and breast milk and was never disappointed in them!

Mam Baby Products

So it was a no brainer when they asked me to take a look at their NEW line of Anti-Colis Bottles, MAM Perfect Pacifiers and Learn to Brush Set!

I received four of the MAM Perfect pacifiers and suddenly wished I had a little one again.  But only for a moment!  These pacifiers are so adorable!  They have a fun, modern design and comes in a convenient carrying case.  No more digging it up from the bottom of the diaper bag with remnants of cereal stuck to the nipple!

MAM Baby Products

Developed with Orthodontists & Pediatric Dentists, the MAM Perfect paci is designed to reduce the risk of misaligned teeth.  It is 60% thinner than traditional pacifiers and, instead of the turned up tip, it is a flat bulb that is super soft.  The softer and thinner the nipples for babies, the less the rick of misalignment.  So, your baby can have his/ her paci and a great smile too!

Whether you breast feed or not, almost every baby will have the need for a bottle in their infancy.  A bottle is a great way to get your baby what he/ she needs without the hassle of finding a private place to nurse!  But it is not a good thing if after you give the baby the bottle, he/ she spits up or, worse yet, develops Colic!

Colic is very uncomfortable for mom and baby.  Trust me, I had it with my middle daughter and it took FOREVER to treat is and get her to stop spitting up everything she ate, screaming for mommy and the constant burping that had to be done.  I had her a a myriad of medications trying to get it to go away and nothing worked.

MAM Baby Products

So any product that can help alleviate some of it just by design is great by my book!

MAM Anti-Colic Bottles have an extra soft nipple so that baby can switch easily between mom and MAM.  Plus it has a vented base so that the air escapes through the bottom instead of into baby’s belly during feeding! With a leak proof cap – that is also a measuring cup for the formula moms – to the really wide opening that allows for easier, more thorough cleaning, the MAM Anti-Colic bottle has thought of everything!  In fact, this bottle also self-sterilizes with a quick 3 minutes in the microwave!

With the features is offers, especially the vented base, colic can be reduced up to 80%! Now that is a bottle I wish I’d had around when my Sarah was spitting up everything she ate!

Kids learning to brush their teeth can be fun and it can be frustrating.  Many babies toothbrushes are short and only allow baby to hold them.  This can make teaching a child to brush frustrating – at least for me it was.  I would see that my kids were not getting all of their gums and teeth and would have to take the brush and do it myself.

MAM Learn to Brush Set has solved that problem -and very easily, if you ask me.  They just extended the babies first toothbrush so that baby’s and your hand can fit on one toothbrush!  This BPA Free, training brush set have soft, rounded bristles with ergonomic handles.  The first toothbrush has a long handle for you to help guide and then second one has a short one for baby to grasp and use on his/ her own!

MAM Baby Products

This is a great brush set and makes perfect sense for anyone trying to teach a baby to brush their teeth!

Check out the entire line of MAM Baby Products online or at your favorite retailer!  I bet you will be just as impressed as I have been with these high quality products!

AND, head to the MAM Facebook Page for a valuable $2.00 off any MAM product coupon!

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**I received these products for review purposes only in collaboration with Childsplay PR.  My writings and opinions are my own.  Please see my Disclosure Statement for more information.*