Oh yes, summer is gone. But fun recipes that will make your kids smile will never go out of style! A favorite in this house is frozen yogurt. I love making frozen yogurt on my own and these Yogurt on a Stick popsicles are super fun and easy!

Yogurt on a Stick

Sweet treats don’t have to be prepackaged and full of sugar and unhealthy stuff. I made these in a matter of minutes with easy ingreadients right in my fridge. I had some left over Smari Yogurt from my Yogurt Filled Oatmeal Cups and had Pina Colada drink mix in the freezer. You can use any yogurt that you think will be thick enough to harden and any flavor juice. I recommend the frozen canisters, though, instead of liquid juice. Add some fruit pieces into the mix too for even more fun!


I used simple Solo cups but you sure can amp these up for a party! Have them on a tray in your freezer and bring them out. Let kids pop out their own Popsicle too! You can dress these up with glow in the dark cups, fun colored popsicle sticks and even use a pre-formed mold to add a more concise shape!

Glowing CupsColored Craft Sticks Popsicle Forms

There are so many options when making frozen yogurt. Having an adult party? Add a splash of alcohol to spice them up! The options are endless. What ideas do you have? I would love to come up with some more great frozen yogurt combinations!

Yogurt on a Stick

Do you have a recipe you want me to create or try? Leave a comment below and I will get to work!

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