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Let your kids imagine and play while learning about emotions and feelings! ad

Whether your child is needing entertainment for summer, help expressing their feelings or just loved to be imaginative and play, these Magnutto play sets are for them! The Make A Pet, Make A Dino or Make A Mood Playset comes with the ability for your child to play, express themselves and to learn all about what a facial expression is! My Megan got the Make A Pet set and she loved it so much that she hid it in her drawer so her sister’s can not use it. I find her in her room with her door closed, making up stories like, ‘Why my dog has a sad face today!’ She loves it and I think any child over 3 will love these sets too!

They can create their own story, using faces and emotions to explain it all! ad

Complete with a box to hold it all in, magnets that adhere to the proppable side and a list of what all the faces mean, these sets can entertain and educate for hours. As much as studying science and math can boost an IQ, being able to recognize facial expressions boost a person’s EQ – emotional quotient. Toys that encourage empathy and emotions are getting high marks from parents as well as healthcare professionals. These are a great way for kids to talk and learn about their feeling in a playful way. You know how much I love educational items that can be passed off as toys!

Kids may or may not recognize a scared cat, a mean dog or a worried classmate. But every feeling has a face™ as the three Magnutto play sets – Make A Pet, Make A Dino and Make A Mood show in an age-appropriate and fun way. The $24.99 sets for ages 5 and up are stuffed with facial features, hair and headpieces for children to select, build, then discuss. The results might look like a Picasso portrait. Or it might be spot-on as to how a child is feeling at the moment. Either way, it’s a wonderful starting point for caregivers and children to openly discuss how people and four-legged friends express themselves.

She loves her Magnutto play set so much that she hid it from her sisters! ad

To help your little one make new friends with pets, a Dinosaur or to learn their feelings, ONE of my readers will win the set of their choice. Just enter below and GOOD LUCK!

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