My youngest child is almost 4.  It is so hard for me to believe that she is in preschool and learning so many things and can no longer be considered my ‘baby’.  But as hard as it is to watch her get older, it is just as exciting to see all that she is learning.  And when I find products that aid her education and her excitement to learn more, like the MagneTalk Early Classifying Game from Super Duper Publications, I get as excited as she is!

MagneTalk Early Classifying

This categorization ‘game’ is so cool.  The board comes complete with magnets that have photos.  The photos are meant to be attached to the board in the right categories:  Foods, Animals, Trasnportation, etc.  So the object of the game is to match all of the photos with its correct category!

Megan thinks this is just amazing!  Check out her game playing below:

You can see the wheels turning as she thinks about where everything goes.  Now, I did not catch it on video, but the game also brings up interesting questions.  For instance, she came across a picture of a cat.  She looked for a minute and then she said that the cat could go in two places.  It was an animal but it was also something that could go in a house!  So we talked about how to think it through.  She chose to place it in the animal area but I was impressed with her thought process.

Super Duper Publications has an entire line of preschool games that do not require batteries, wifi or a screen.  They enhance children’s skills and help teach them new ones.  They create bonds between little ones and their siblings, parents and the things they love most.

MagneTalk Early Classifying

Check out the entire line of toys and games and educational products available and  be sure to stock up.  You will be so excited watching your kids learn.  Get your video camera!

Oh, and while you are at it, enter to WIN a Super Duper Publications game from me.  AND, you can enter to WIN $50 from Super Duper in their monthly drawing too!


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