The days of Number 2 pencils is quickly coming to an end. Even my daughter can take a tablet to school to work on if she wants. I don’t send it because if it got damaged, I would have a fit, but I would gather that in 10 years, all kids will be learning on electronics. So anything that helps my kids create, inspires them to think and helps them develop skills for the future is a win-win. Like the NEW MagnaColor Arts & Crafts kit that takes art to a whole new 3D level!


Accompanying MagnaColor now is the FREE MagnaColor App for iPad. I don’t have an iPad but I have seen the reviews on this and I might have to get one just for this fun!


MagnaColor on its own is a great toy. MagnaColor is a specially designed magnetic drawing studio with a screen sweeper that impressed industry guru Dr. Toy who named it one of her Top 10 Creative Toys for 2012.  The new 2013 model builds on the success of the first model by allowing kids to place their artistic creations under the sea!  Kids use MagnaColor pens to draw along the Magic App stencils. Parents download the free Magna Color App onto their iPad. Together they “launch” the colorful marine designs and watch in delight as fish jump off the screen. It’s like having your own MagnaColor aquarium!

I think this is so cool. The board comes with 4 photos and 4 pens that fit the colored magnets in them. Basically, you pour the ‘dots’ onto the board, scrape them into the slot and then shake the board. It sorts them by color and size and fills the pens for the kids.


Once the pens fill, the kids take them and push the metal pieces out onto the magnetic board. The magnets then create a colorful and fun picture that the kids can create over and over again. No mess, no glue, and they even share it!

My girls LOVE this and, even though I find little magnets in the rug at times, I love listening to them create and ‘color’. The whole process from using the pens to creating the pictures promotes imagination, creativity, thinking through the whole process and hand – eye coordination.  And it is clean (ignore the green ink from another project! LOL)


Think of MagnaColor and the FREE iPad app for the holidays!


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