I LOVE all things Scholastic, and I also LOVE The Magic School Bus!  I was very excited at the opportunity to review the The Magic School Bus trio from Scholastic and we loves them.  I have a 5 yr old and a 7 yr old and both of them LOVE The Magic School Bus.  The set we received had 3 DVDs in it: Cracks a Yolk, Getting Energized and Under Construction!


Cracks a Yolk was my 7 yr old Sophie’s favorite of the bunch.  In one of the 3 episodes on that DVD, Dorothy Ann is left in charge of caring for the principal’s chicken, Giblets!  Sophie loves all things animals, so this was right up her alley.  The Friz also teaches the kids all about how eggs are made.  Sophie was fascinated!  As in all The Magic School Bus videos, it was very informative and TAUGHT my kids something.  Who doesn’t love that???  The other 2 episodes on that DVD also discuss animals and share plenty of information with the viewers on each one!  I love that after my kids watch the videos, they share with me all of the new stuff they learned!

The Magic School Bus

Now,  like many other 5 yr old boys, Under Construction was Max’s favorite DVD.  As with the other DVD’s included this one had 3 episodes on it.  One was all about engines, one about structures and the last about computers!  Max was MESMERIZED to say the least!  I think his fave was the one on structures, but it is hard to tell.  He LOVED them all.  It always amazes me how tuned in my kids are to The Magic School Bus episodes.  It is hard to find things that capture their attention and put them in fits of giggles like Scholastic does with The Magic School Bus.  As a parent I love it because I don’t feel like they are aimlessly staring at a screen.  We all need moments where the kids are occupied so we can get things done, and when they are watching The Magic School Bus, I feel no guilt.  They are learning.

The last DVD in the set was called Getting Energized.  It as all about energy, electricity and light!  Pretty fun stuff for little ones!  Sophie was able to share with me many things she learned!  If you would love for your kids to have these videos, visit Scholastic on

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