Surely we have all seen the scene in the movies where the pregnant mother has headphones stretched over her pregnant belly while playing Mozart and Chopin to her baby.  Though uncomfortable and odd for the mother, playing music to an unborn child has many advantages!

Not only can moms bond with their babies through music, but it can actually have a positive effect on both the mother and baby!

Experts have shown that music can help reduce stress for the mother during pregnancy, it can improve sleep habits after birth for the baby, and encourages early brain development in the child.   You can learn more about what experts found by going to the Lullabelly website.

But even with knowing all of that, it can still seem somewhat odd to strap your favorite headphones to your belly and just sit there, waiting for your baby’s brain to develop.

Hence the need for the Lullabelly!

Lullabelly offers a unique feature for the mother and baby.  Dual listening capabilities!  Yes, you can listen to the same music your baby does at the same time.

Just ‘use the included audio splitter and earphones to listen along to the music. Simply plug the splitter into your portable music player, plug the Lullabelly speaker into one side of the splitter, and plug your earphones into the other side of the splitter.’

Now, I am not pregnant so I could not personally test this product.  However, when I received it I did take it out of the box and touch it – sooo soft – and then I packed it up and sent it to my pregnant friend a few hours away!

She was more than happy to wear it for a little while and let me know her thoughts!

I got a text a few days later from her saying that the baby likes Michael Jackson and Christmas Music. I laughed but secretly was a little jealous that I was not pregnant so that I could share that with my baby!

Just a little… I got over it!

A few days later she sent me a message saying, “It is comfortable to wear,  easy to use, and the baby seems to respond to it well!”

I’d say that about sums it up, doesn’t it?

I see this being the perfect present for the first time parent, the mother who is having a hard time bonding to a pregnancy, or the perfect shower gift for the mother to be!

Lullabelly is available in 5 colors: Apple Green, Sky Blue, Princess Pink, Sunshine Yellow and Chocolate Brown/ Mint.  A color for everyone.  And it plugs right into your iPod, CD/MP3 player, and Laptop.  Basically, anything that plays music!

You can buy Lullabelly on and online at!

So if you are pregnant, have a friend who is, or might be again, put Lullabelly on your list and start sharing your love of music with your baby!

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